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wruess wrote:
I have decided to put up some kind of electric fence around my pond to keep
out otters (mainly) and other koi predators if necessary. I have seen ads
for a couple of products by Fi Shock - specifically the 'Pond Guardian' kit
and another similar kit with straight poles marketed as a 'small animal'
fence. Does anyone have any specific experience with either of these or any
other similar product, specifically with respect to their effectiveness as
an otter deterrant. Thanks

I have an electric fence (like they sell at agricultural supply houses)
which I bought and use for keeping domestic animals inside an area but
also use to keep out predator from areas where we pen in chickens.
Before, I had lots of trouble with racoons, etc. eating our birds, but
in the 6 or so years we've had the electrical fence, we've lost none to

I use the poly-wire (several strands of poly twine with a few aluminum
or,in the better type, stainless stell wire strands within). I lay one
about 4 inches above ground, on plastic or wood stakes (with plastic
insulators). Not unsightly if done right, and once they've had a jolt
or two of the 5000 volts pulsing though the wire, predators go elsewhere
for lunch....

I use a fencer that is powered by 110 line current and animals get so
used to it, they'll respect it for days even if the current's off...


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