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Daniel Morrow
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Default (Koi-lo) - more vortex DE filter discussion...

Mid posted.
Steve Michie wrote:
"Richard Sexton" wrote in message
I think what happens
in this case is there is dissolved gas in the (usually new tapwater?)
that you charge the diatom with. What you add diatom powder and let
it run some of the gas comes out of solution in the filter pleats.
Diatom powder can't cover tha hole and eventually the bubble
dissolves back into solution leaving a hole in the powder coating.

a very possible and likely explanation - I'm happy to bust the x-file
with that !!! :-)

I stumbled by accident on truning the filter off, letting all the
powder start to settle then turning it back on. This seems to
dislodge all the bubbles. What works too is to use aquarium, not
fresh tap water when charging the filter. it contains less dissolved

yep - i have only ever charged with aquarium water - but my co2
injection prolly causes enough gas to be dissolved into solution to
give the above effect - and now that I think of it - I just might
have had my gas off for at least a few days prior to my 3rd charge -
(was getting desperate - I thought no fertilizer & no co2 might help
algae to die off) - no co2 dissolved in solution = uniform coating of
DE powder on bag - your theory is seeming more & more probable by the
minute !! ;-D

So, this does seem to help avoid the "cloudies" when no matter what
you do you seem to have a file layer of diatom powder in your tank.
Keep in mind though you should NEVER turn the filter off and on or
try to charge it in the tank itself. use a one gallon jar.

Never turn the filter off ??
you've lost me... u said u turn it off momentarily to cure ur bubble
on bag problem - and now ur saying to never turn it off ?
huh ?

He probably means that while the tubing is submerged or that only turn it
off while using the container (one gallon jar) as diatomaceous earth might e
scape into the tank causing a slight cloudiness of it's own which settles
soon in most setups. Good luck and later!

For tanks bigger than 30 gals you probbaly need
an XL. The D1 just takes too long above that size. It'll work to be
sure but how much time (or how many tanks) ya got?

I've just got a single 55 gal tank.