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Default co2 diffuser vs reactor

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fusQuanto wrote:
what is a bubble counter and what is its purpose?

"George Pontis" wrote:
Far Thunder wrote:

hau kolas..curious to know what folks here use for dispersal of
co2..and which is "best"..the glass/ceramic diffusers or the
powered/passive reactor chambers..or running the co2 gas outlet
into the intake of a canister filter? TIA

lila pilamaya

The Eheim glass/ceramic diffuser is problematic for may people due to
clogging and the unusually high pressure required to unseat the

The simple Hagen bubble ladder is easy to use and inexpensive. Also,
it serves the need for a bubble counter. If you can hide one in your
tank it is worth considering. I have experience with one in a 20G
and a 125G tank. The 125G is way beyond the recommended size for
this component, but it is possible to get CO2 up to 20ppm or so with
a high flow rate like 5+ bubbles per second.

A diffuser would be the deluxe solution, especially if you already
have external plumbing. It has the advantages of being completely
hidden and capable of high infusion rates.

I think a bubble counter is a device that lets you calculate how much co2
really getting into the water and it allows the bubbles more time to
dissolve when compared to straight emitting the bubble into the bottom of
the tank because with the bubble counter the co2 bubble is in contact with
the water for a much longer amount of time.

slightly different take on the bubble counter.
It's there to measure rate. Find out how many bubbles per minute and keep a
record of bubbles per minute and the Ph level. The more bubbles per minute,
the more Co2 and (hopefully) a corresponding decrease in Ph level. Bubble
counters are inline between the pressure regulator and the reactor or
delivery system in the aquarium. My bubble counter is made from a juice
jug, stopper and some rigid tube. Works GREAT and gives me an accurate
count (rate) of delivery so I can adjust the Co2 in measured amounts.