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Default Hanging basket plants

"Trevor" wrote in message
. com...
Sacha posted a list of her recommended hanging basket plants. I copied and
pasted the list to save as a word file, but can't for the life of me find
the thread to find others comments.

(Got detoured into the La Puce JB the 'eck)

Can anyone help?

East Yorkshire

Here it is:- Author Sacha

We make up about 500 hanging baskets per year and they often win their

owners prizes. First of all, we use a lot of plants to a basket, so that it
really does look right over the top when flowering! Second, they all get a
start in the greenhouses, so that brings them on well before they go out
around early to mid-May. Third the compost has some slow-released fertiliser
capsules mixed in with it.
One of the big favourites with many people is the Lotus Fire Vine. We have
it in three colours and it's a spectacular plant. Another big favourite is
Bacopa 'Snowflake' and there is a blue Bacopa. We use Bidens, Verbenas,
Nemesias, Nummularia, ivy leafed pelargoniums and the upright kind,
nasturtiums, Fuchsias, Helichrysum petiolatum, Diascias, Polygonum 'Pink
Bubbles', Erigeron (Spanish Dasiy), Miscanthus, Callibrachoa, Impatiens,
Scaveola, Heliotrope, Lamium and of course, good old Lobelia. But if using
the latter, be sure to water often because it dies off faster than you can
These are just some of the plants I can think of at the moment but I'm
probably forgetting a few. You could do a Google image search for the ones
you're not familiar with. We're potting up plugs now, so you're right to
want to get them started.

South Devon