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Default Hollyhocks - Clay Soil and Rust Resistance

"La Puce" wrote in message

Rupert wrote:

Gardenbanter said that the 'minority says they should be treated ....'.

Yes and I guess you now know they are wrong.

No. You wrote the 'majority' when in fact gardenbanter wrote 'the

I say Gardenbanter is wrong. Read a bit more about the subject and have a
look at SRH's work and that of others and the haze will clear.

Have you grown Hollyhocks before Rupert?

Yes many years ago.

I don't want an argument ) But every single time you write, you say
'years ago I planted this' or 'never planted it' or 'I move things in
full bloom knowing it's wrong' or 'link to google'.

My question is simple, what do you grow NOW and how long have you been
a gardener?

Moving most perennials when in full bloom is not rocket science but does
require an elementary knowledge which you will acquire in due course.
Gardening is not about *now*. What you grew last year and decades ago is
IMHO what counts towards knowledge

Gave up because they really were biennials

According to this thread we've found out they're not.

Can't actually find the bit in this thread about biennials--are you getting
mixed up with Echiums which you wrongly said were biennials?

.. .Much nicer effect with Abutilon
Supposedly not frost
hardy but it grows well here in my part of West Yorkshire. I think it's
Tennants (sp) white. Fabulous plant flowers early so in that sense it's
the best substitute for Hollyhocks

Have you tried it or have you just seen it growing. I'm asking because
you see I know that some hollyhocks simply won't grow in clay soil,
hence me saying to Ollie's mum they will not because I have tried them.
Now have you of have you just read it somewhere.

I think you have lost the plot. Hollyhocks and Abutilon are not the same
I have grown Hollyhocks on a clay soil. My planting technique is obviously
different and in this case better than yours.
Corynabutilon vitifolium Tennants white is what I am now growing (according
to SRH).