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On Tue, 07 Feb 2006 21:53:07 -0600, Scott Richardson wrote:

I have white flies on my nicotiana and fushia that I winter over in a
south window. They do great. Southern Minnesota. Trouble is I also do
great raising swarms of white flies.
I bought the green can of I-Bomb and it doesn't squirt out a mist of a
spray. Instead, I get a jet stream of white foam. I shake it very well and
it doesn't seem to help.
Also, I am not too sure this stuff does any good on the white flies. I
suppose it is a contact insecticide and the bugs are on the under side of
the leaves.
What do I do about the spray and about the whiteflies. Hope I don't
to throw out the plants. Had them each for three or four years. This year
the bugs have been particularly bad.

Scott in Austin MN

I would suggest that you look at Concern insect killing soap. It does a
fair job at killing them off. Combined with the use of a sticky trap, you
can control them.