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Scott Richardson
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Well, that explains the "Austin" in the title of the newsgroup. Its getting
down to 3 below tonight, but the moon is out and there is no wind. Could be
My golfing buddy just retired and he and his wife are spending 3 months
this winter in Austin, Texas (daughter lives there.) He likes it so far. My
daughter has visited there and loved the City. Some day I'll visit Texas.

Thanks for all the advice.

Scott in Austin MN
"Elliot Richmond" wrote in message
On Tue, 7 Feb 2006 21:53:07 -0600, "Scott Richardson"

I have white flies on my nicotiana and fushia that I winter over in a

window. They do great. Southern Minnesota. Trouble is I also do great
raising swarms of white flies.

Way down south here in the other Austin, I have had good luck with
dormant oil. However, that was on outdoor plants. I do not how it
would work or even how to apply it on indoor plants. White flies are
tricky, because they seem to have a sort of waxy coating. That is why
soap- or oil-based treatments work better.

It is 71 F right now here in Austin. Texas. How is it in Austin,

Elliot Richmond
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