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Default Tomato cages ( was Best place to buy tomato plants, etc.)

On Thu, 06 Mar 2003 01:50:25 GMT, Karen wrote:

(Victor M. Martinez) wrote in
They do have great plants
though and those really cool and sturdy, albeit expensive tomato

Thank you, Victor, for introducing a topic I was wondering about. I
bought those round tomato cages last year and my tomato plants were a
little too robust for them. What do the NG cages look like?


You can buy a roll of fencing wire and make your own pretty easily. I
even saw the guy on the new Victory Garden pull it off. You can get
4' or 5' and make them as large (diameter-wise) as you wish. I think
the lowe's depots of the world have fairly small rolls pretty cheap,
but if not I'm sure you could get them at callahans.

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