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Default "Burping" gravel + does seachem flourish have a use by date?

First question is, my lfs has some stock of seachem flourish that was
bought by previous management.. they don't know how old it is, so i'm
wondering if the stuff can go off? it seems unlikely but it does
recommend being stored in a fridge after opening..

It will probably be all right, if it hasn't been opened.

If you don't refrigerate it after opening, something starts to
precipitate out of it, making it cloudy at first, then sludgy.
However, the Custom Sealife people say it's still safe and effective
to use. It's just ugly.

Thanks for the quick response! i'll probably pick it up then, the swords
are looking pale, i'm hoping it'll perk them up a bit

Anyway, every now and then there is this kind of 'burp' of
gas from beneath one clump of elodea, quite a big bubble maybe the
size of my thumb? it seems a bit early in the tanks life (2 weeks) to
be getting toxic gas production, so can anyone suggest what it could

If it's toxic gas, you should be able to tell by the smell. It will
stink to high heaven.

It could be oxygen. If plants are growing well, they can pearl under
the gravel, as well as from their leaves. But usually the bubbles
aren't that big.
And, aside from the chain swords, you don't have the kind of rooted
that do this.

Do you have a UGF? If so, then it sounds like what happens when you
don't have enough gravel over it.

Oops, that should read "maybe the size of *the first joint of* my thumb". I
don't have a UGF, and the bubbles don't seem to smell.. Come to think of it
though, they are recent cuttings, so maybe the cut stems are just leaking
bubbles underneath like they do on top?

thanks again, i was worried it might wipe out the fish (didn't know about
the smell)