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Default "Burping" gravel + does seachem flourish have a use by date?

Thanks for the quick response! i'll probably pick it up then, the swords
are looking pale, i'm hoping it'll perk them up a bit

It probably will (assuming you have adequate light). Also, swords are heavy
root-feeders, so if your LFS has Flourish tabs or other root tabs, get some of
them, too.

Oops, that should read "maybe the size of *the first joint of* my thumb". I
don't have a UGF, and the bubbles don't seem to smell.. Come to think of it
though, they are recent cuttings, so maybe the cut stems are just leaking
bubbles underneath like they do on top?

Maybe. Or maybe air was somehow trapped in your gravel when you set up the
tank. Usually, when the plants produce oxygen, the bubbles are very tiny.