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Default Feb. edition of "The Pond Newsletter" --posting on Tuesday!

"Nedra" sez:
Well ... I appreciate what Justin is doing. If you
guys don't like it then just hush-up. Please don't bad-
mouth the guy for attempting a new project.

Keep up the good work, Justin!

An entire room full of top-posters!

You don't need to sacrifice your privacy to get value from Yahoo. Set up a
sneakemail account (like in my header here) to get a disposable account.
It's free. Then create your Yahoo account using that account. You can
even use an anonymizing proxy such as Freedom or OrangaTango to hide your
IP address if you're that paranoid, and almost everything will still work.

I haven't looked at Justin's page solely because (1) I already am a
sporadic member of three Yahoo-based pond groups and (2) I haven't had the
time to click on the link. But I do appreciate what he's doing.