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Frank Hagan
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Default Feb. edition of "The Pond Newsletter" --posting on Tuesday!

On 12 Feb 2003 06:19:47 -0800, (Justin)

mad wrote in message ...
and beaucoup spam!

I've never had a problem with spam. Generally, you will be spammed if
you start typing your e-mail address into random popups that may
appear on your screen without seriously considering the ramifications
of doing it. You can still view the newsletter "spamfree" as you say
by going to the website. I made it also a public domain so that you do
not have to receive the newsletter via e-mail. Note that you can read
any of the newsletters via I seriously doubt
you'll get any spam from doing so.


You're always welcome to "mirror" it on PondResource if you want,
Justin. Its a nice complement to the great FAQ you have on your own
site (which I would like to provide a link to once I get some time to
set up the community links program).
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