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Default Absolute fastest Growing hedge plant for tall privacy screen????

On Sun, 19 Feb 2006 13:12:34 -0600, zxcvbob

Snooze wrote:
"zxcvbob" wrote in message

I was gonna say bamboo, but you already mentioned that.

How about kudzu? You'll have to provide some support for it -- at least

I assume the kudzu suggestion was a joke. Planting kudzu is a very bad idea.
A highly invasive plant that grows extremely fast, and quickly takes over
entire areas. A quick search on google for kudzu should show you why kudzu
is a bad plant outside of their native areas.


It was a joke -- one of those "not really funny, but kind of funny
because it's so inappropriate" kind of jokes. ;-) (the "at least
initially" part was supposed to give it away)


The problem with a "joke" like that is that this group tends to
attract neophytes who assume they are getting expert advice. Us
insiders might get it, while the OP is out looking for the cheapest
source of perhaps the worst plant possible.

As someone who values good writing, I bristle at the use of emoticons
to convey meaning, but in this case I think it would have been a good