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Scott L. Hadley
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Default Roses where other roses have been

I read in one of Christopher Lloyd's books about something he called
"specific replant disease."

Can't recall whether it was a fungal or other pathogen, but apparently it
was one of them. Guess I'll have to look it up. We seem to have much the
same trouble in Maine US, but perhaps not as bad---we just notice a decline
in vigor with subsequent plantings, since in this climate HT roses are much
like annuals, and we are always having to replant singles or entire beds.

What bothers me more than this is the recent arrival of Japanese beetles in
my area. Winters between 1994 and the current one were mild, allowing these
to breed each spring in our normally frozen soil. This has caused some
people to abandon their rose beds. I pray the current cold winter will help
with this.

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