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Default Cold tolerance of Oncidium Sharry Baby

Thank you very much, Susan & WNeptune. Now I can happily spend more
money :-) I have been worrying about the winter low of my potential
"orchid room". A low of 50F seems too cold for most orchids in the
books I read (I only caught the orchid bug 3 months ago when I
successfully bloomed my cymbidium sinensis!) Perhaps WNeptune can
tell me some of the types you grow in your "cool room"? How many
months a year does your cool room have a winter low of 45 - 50F? This
low temperature will probably affect the bloom time of some of the
winter blooming orchids. I found that I have to bring the cymbidium
sinensis into the house once I see the spike - I just can't wait to
see the flowers!