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Default Cold tolerance of Oncidium Sharry Baby

Most of the plants I have in the cool house are Australian natives, many of
which will grow down to 34F. I also have Lycastes (about 35), a LARGE
Dendrochilum formosanum, several L anceps, Den nobiles, several Sarcochilus,
Sarcoglottis, and a number of Onc intergenerics. I wouldn't want you to think
these just limp along-most of these have received AOS awards, including
cultural awards.
I would guess the temperature in this room is at 45F at night for about 4-5
months of the year.
Currently I do not have any cymbidiums, but I would not hesitate to have
standards, and miniatures in this room. I have had no experience with the
Chinese cymbidiums.

AOS awards ... certainly encouraging for a newbie! Unfortunately my
sunroom doesn't really have much "sun". Thus Lycastes are probably
out. I have in my mind odontoglossum, Miltonia, and hybrids with them
as parents such as Wilsonara, MacLellanara. Now that I know some
plants listed in the "intermediate" range can tolerate this degree of
night coolness, I may be encouraged to try a few Cattleya hybrids and
oncidiums too. Still have to see how "hot" my cold sunroom is during
the summer months.