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Old 11-03-2003, 12:32 AM
Priscilla McCullough
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Default Goldfish died

My goldfish died. :-(
I bought the frozed greenpeas and thawed them out, removed the skin.
Boy they ate the tar out of that stuff. lol
He ate some too.
The next day he looked a little better, swam better too.
The day after he looked awful again.
Took him to the pet store and they gave me some meds for him.
Put that in the water. He did so so.
Saturday night sometime he died.
I woke up on Sunday and he was dead. :-(
I'm kinda glad in a way because he just didn't look so good.
I noticed though when ever I was getting him out he was really red
underneath his fins
on the bottom and I didn't notice that when he was alive.
Petstore people really didn't know if it was swimbladder or not.
Thanks for the help everyone.
At least I found another treat I can feed the fish. lol