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Default Cold tolerance of Oncidium Sharry Baby

While phals can tolerate such temperatures, I believe you'll see better
growth if they stay warmer. Mine do see mid- to upper 40's on rare occasion
in the Fall when I'm trying to induce spiking, but I try to keep that above
50, too, as it's the day-night temperature difference that seems to be the
key, rather than the absolute low.


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"Liam" wrote in message
Thanks for sharing w/ us the cold temperature tolerance of Phals. I
have been wondering about this for a long time. I was just curious
would you say it would be safe for them in the 40-45 F zone or is that
pushing it? Or how about 45-50F?

"Vespaman" wrote in message

i have an unheated/uncooled green house here in so cal

my min /max thermometer thing tells me it is 42-44 at night and today

high inside me gh is 88-90 i have catts, ondonts, oncidium, epi's,

brassavolla's, milt's, vanda's, den's and reed's and i have no damage
although i do notice that i bloom a little latter in the season than

most in
a controlled greenhouse, but i also notice that some of my plants will

twice off of different leads instead of just once a year, i think it

be because of the hot temps in the gh i get more growth "jmho" i also

all my plants into the garage when the temps get below 40 i have lost

of phal's at 38 so they stay in my office or in my house untill i stays

50-55 all the time, i have lost too many of them to fool around and hope
they make it

oh and yes i have a sherry baby that puts up with the temps and seems to
allways put out 2 leads at a time

i also fert every time i water at 100% strength with 20-20-20after i see
spikes and with 10-30-10 during growth and i flush with "clean tap water

once a month


i dont grow by the book, but hey it seems to be working and when they

grow i throw the book at them and then i dont grow those type any more

"WNeptune" wrote in message
I live in Canada & just started growing orchids in my unheated
sunroom. The winter temperature dips to about 50 deg F. So far I
have just started with some cool growers such as zygo's & cymbidiums.
I have been reading with fascination about Sharry Baby and wonder if
my environment can allow me to have one ...

I run two temperatures in my greenhouse-warm and cool. For years I ran

house at 48F at night, and 55F in the day; for the past two years I

the house at 45F and 55F, and have seen no difference for the plants

house-Onc Sharry Baby is one of the onc in this house.