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Default Co2 Day Two: Three fish crash and burn!

ah wrote:
: Actually, there had been really no noticeable change in Ph at all! I
: had checked it in the morning and checked it again when the fish were
: acting strange and didn't see any significant color difference...I
: really need to get one of those ph computers because the colors on the
: chemical tests aren't all that easy to discern.

A pH meter would be the way to go if you have any measure of color-
blindness (and there's a variety of types and severities of color-
blindness, so you might be fine with everything else but the color
scale on your current pH kit). If it will take a while to get a pH
meter for whatever reason, you might try getting a test with a different
color scale. There's a few pH reagents so that is something else to try.
Also, do you have any limestone or coral decorations in the tank? Those
can alter readings a bit if they leech carbonates out at a rate fast
enough to buffer the pH.