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Default Big plants?

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Steve wrote:
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Which plants grow big (bushy), but not too tall? I'm going to have to redo
my plant tank soon, as my Sword is getting way to tall for the tank. I'm
looking for something I can prune back, but that doesn't require too much

Cryptocoryne wendtii.

I'll second the Cryotocorne wendtii suggestion. They're tough, they
spread, and they don't grow too large. Actually, their size seems to
depend on aquarium conditions. Here, in one smallish goldfish aquarium
they're a few inches tall but cover the bottom. In the plant aquarium
they're reaching 10 inches in height and fill about 1/6 of the bottom area.

They're great plants, all descended from a few specimens I was given in

Keep in mind there's different forms. The "red/brown" is the lowest growig
as are all the nonstndard cultivars: tropica, green gecko, mi oyo, while
the plain green forms range from "a bit bigger" to 2' in soe exceptinal

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