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Default Absolute fastest Growing hedge plant for tall privacyscreen????

by "native areas" i assume you mean JAPAN from whence it originally was
brought to "renew and rejuvenate" the soil of the post-war south (post CIVIL
war, that is)??

actually, whilst visiting the atlanta botanical gardens some years back, i
asked the cashier in the gift shop whether they sold seed for kudzu and she
looked at me as if i'd just landed from another planet---as well she
should--IF...IF i lived in a kudzu zone; but, i explained to her i lived in
utah, usda zone UT5b and it would definitely die when winter came but
perhaps during the spring and summer months it might rejuvenate MY dead soil
(yeah, i're all laughing your boots off....but you gotta
understand, all this happened BEFORE i went to skool to learn about plants
and stuff). i, myself, almost died laughing when the horror on the woman's
face extended to her next statement; to wit:

"Y'all DON'T WANT KUDZU!!!!!!!!!! Why, y'all kin heer kudzu GROW!!!!"

well, i was right---it died when the temp hit below 30F and my attempt to
winter them over by pot-planting them and bringing them in was an abysmal
failure (sigh) as was 99% of almost everything else i "TRIED" to grow in
those days.
With Malus toward none, and Cherry-Trees toward all.

How about kudzu? You'll have to provide some support for it -- at least

I assume the kudzu suggestion was a joke. Planting kudzu is a very bad idea.
A highly invasive plant that grows extremely fast, and quickly takes over
entire areas. A quick search on google for kudzu should show you why kudzu
is a bad plant outside of their native areas.