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Default Roses where other roses have been

On Tue, 11 Mar 2003 23:16:00 +0000, Henry Ward

~but remember, this advice is only good till June. Then armillatox will
~be BANNED by the EU, and so will RoseClear2.
~ What is your source for this? I can find no references on the web.
~ makes no mention of this. I find the above
~strange as it has only just been given clearance for control of the detested
~vine weevil.

The Garden, March 2003. News section.

quote from above site

Pesticide withdrawal
More chemical licences lapse

Armillatox and Miracle Verdone Plus are among several popular
pest-control products that will disappear from UK garden centre
shelves this summer.

The decision follows the European Review of Pesticides (see News, Sept
2002, p664), which has led to the withdrawal of many well-known
gardening products. Armillatox and Jeyes Fluid have had their approval
revoked by the Pesticides Safety Directorate.

Armillatox Ltd in Derbyshire has said it cannot afford to support
Armillatox through the review process, but will continue to sell it
outside the European Union. Jeyes Fluid will no longer be offered as a
pesticide, so it may not be used to sterilise soil or kill moss and

Approval has also been withdrawn for Dichlorprop - an active
ingredient in selective weedkillers such as Levington Tumbleweed Lawns
and Miracle Verdone Plus.

Products will not be sold after 24 July, and their use in gardens will
be illegal after 31 December.

end quote

Rumour has it that Armillatox will reappear as a patio cleaner (ie my
Dad got told that by a salesperson when he went to the factory shop to
get me some, but that could be a red herring)


~ If the above should come to pass then Jeyes Fluid is a similar
~beastie and in very dilute form is an absolute ace at controlling rose
~mildew and black spot. So that's Roseclear covered as well. Basically
~anything based on phenolic compounds will kill off the offending pathogens
~and allow the rose to be planted. Armillatox is only one such.
~ A lot of "banned chemicals" are only banned for garden use and are
~simply withdrawn by the suppliers so that they become unavailable in the
~shops. They remain available to "the trade". Friendly nurserymen could
~always give you some.
~ The caveat here is to know what you need to do to control something
~and then apply the most efficacious medium to achieve the result. If you
~don't know just ask.


Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone,
you may still exist but you have ceased to live.
Mark Twain

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