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Anne Lurie
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Default 55 gal barrel? (searched archives and didn't see answer, btw)

I admit this may be of no help whatsoever, but...... I still deserve my
$.02 worth's say!! And, yeah, cp -- the question was posted, but I don't
recall a satisfactory answer.

1. Long ago and far away (okay, in Vermont 10-12 years ago), I picked up my
"rain barrel" from a company a few miles from me that made cheese for
pizzas. As I recall, the barrel had previously held peppers -- and from
the aroma, I believed it!!!

BTW, I don't know if anyone cares, but I think said barrel was brick red and
made of HDPE #6 (sorry, I used to be up on my numbers back in the days --
and place -- where lots of stuff was recycled). Of course, the sticker
that was still on the barrel helped a lot! (Yes, one could recycle HDPE,
but the economics of the pickup are even worse than for detergent
ottles -- 2 barrels would exceed my car's capacity.)

which brings me to point #2 (y'all knew it was in there somewhere, didn't

2. If I could not be certain what had been in the barrel, I would not use
water collected in same on my veggies. I'd buy one for $69 or whatever and
be done with that!

I will have to check out the "guy on 401 who sells barrels" since I go by
there a lot -- although I don't recall seeing barrels for sale. (But,
hey, on that stretch of road, the drivers are happily "barrelling along.")

Stepping down off my soap box now,

Anne Lurie
in the wilds of Wake County!

"cptnevo" wrote in message
i'm looking for the fabled $5-10 55 gallon food grade barrel for rain
collection, please. ideally in hillsborough.

someone posted about this two years ago, but i didn't see an answer ...
my apologies for any redundancy.

thank you.