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"David Sim" wrote in message

What are your thoughts on planting pond plants in standard garden clay.
When I dug the pond last year I had about 2ft of top soil and then
straight into clay.

Straight clay would have little plant nutrition and would surely work it's
way out of the pots in time, muddying the pond water. That type of clay is
only good for fill dirt in my opinion.

I just fancied doing quite a lot of planting / transplating & wanted to
avoid the cost of buying a lot of compost from the pond shop.

Real compost? That's too high in organic matter and surely will give you
the mother of all algae blooms. I use plain told heavy topsoil from a clean
area, cover it with large gravel and my pond plants thrive. I only
fertilize the lilies for better and more blooms.
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