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Default Landscaping Around Ponds

On Mon, 3 Feb 2003 15:50:09 -0500, "BenignVanilla" wrote:

I usually keep all my water based questions limited to rec.ponds. I thought
I would ask my around water based question here in, but
I was naughty too and cross posted to rec.ponds. Hope I don't get flamed to

Who would flame you for that?

What kind of issues did you think about as you landscaped AROUND your pond?
and in the area of the pond?

To Self: I can't believe you were stupid enough to dig ANOTHER pond. I
can't believe you're leveling every paving brick, one by one, perfectly. I
can't believe you talk other people into doing this too, with such
enthusiasm! You must be insane and need to be committed or something?
Perhaps more fiber in the diet would help this problem?

And that's what I thought about. ) ~ jan

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