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H Ryder
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Default list of poisonous plants

I know that lots of plants are described as "poisonous" when in fact they
just give you a bit of a bad tummy, whilst others can be fatal. I have small
children so am trying to rid the garden of anythign fatal to them but do not
mind the "bad tummy" plants. Does anyone know where I can find out just how
poisonous plants are? Am especially interested in Daphnes as I'd love to
have one but have avoided getting one as they seem "very poisonous" but I am
not sure of this. Also please let me know of any common plant which is fatal
to children - I know of Lords and Ladies (Acorus calamus ) and nightshade
but am not sure of others. (I also know that I can tell them not to eat
anything but that does not work in a garden full of raspberries etc - they
know that they can eat some stuff )

(gardening on well drained, alkaline clay in Somerset)