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Nick Maclaren
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Default list of poisonous plants

In article ,
"H Ryder" writes:
| I know that lots of plants are described as "poisonous" when in fact they
| just give you a bit of a bad tummy, whilst others can be fatal. I have small
| children so am trying to rid the garden of anythign fatal to them but do not
| mind the "bad tummy" plants. Does anyone know where I can find out just how
| poisonous plants are? Am especially interested in Daphnes as I'd love to
| have one but have avoided getting one as they seem "very poisonous" but I am
| not sure of this. Also please let me know of any common plant which is fatal
| to children - I know of Lords and Ladies (Acorus calamus ) and nightshade
| but am not sure of others. (I also know that I can tell them not to eat
| anything but that does not work in a garden full of raspberries etc - they
| know that they can eat some stuff )

It ain't what you know that causes the trouble; it's what you know that
ain't so.

The one plant I would advise against is laburnum, because its seeds
look just like mung beans and are lethally poisonous. But it is
widespread in the UK and responsible for VERY few deaths. Neither of
the two plants you mention is lethal. Try educating your children
rather than covering them in cotton wool - many of us have done that,
and our neighbours had a laburnum that overhung our lawn, too.

Nick Maclaren.