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Nick Maclaren
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Default list of poisonous plants

In article ,
"H Ryder" writes:
| Try educating your children
| I am - that is why I do not mind plants such as holly which give you a bad
| tummy. What I want to avoid is the risk of them eating something which could
| kill them. Education is obviously a good thing but, to a three year old, a
| red current and a berry from lords and ladies can look very similar so
| given that I #can# try to minimise this risk by removing very toxic plants
| from my garden I am trying to. Then I can give them free roam of teh garden,
| tell them to ask before eating, and not worry too much

Heck - I got mine to ask such things well before they were three. I made
sure that the first time they did things without checking, the results
were unpleasant ....

And, as I said, a berry from Lords and Ladies will not kill them. Nor
would six berries, if I recall, but they wouldn't eat more than one, as
it is a strong irritant. Many plants are lethal, but only to people who
munch leaves at random - children aren't THAT stupid.

Laburnum and yew are almost the ONLY common plants that are similar to
food and lethal in the quantities that a child will normally eat - and
yew rarely produces berries on clipped plants. I can't think of another.

Nick Maclaren.