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Default list of poisonous plants

Emmm... this is a subject I often think about, mainly because I have
limited knowledge about poisonous plants and because I know that I have
some in my garden which worries me at times, not because of my kids
though because they are older now but more because of our 8 month old
puppy who likes to chew things!

I have quite a bit of Monkshood growing in the garden which is very
pretty but is quite deadly, infact very deadly so I am told,
particularly the roots which can kill in minutes and look very much
like horse radish! I also have a lot of digitalis (fox gloves) and
also Euphorbia both of which are poisonous and this is particularly
worrying when you know they are poisonous but don't know the extent of
the damage they do. So I can understand your concern when you have
young children running around the garden, I would want to know exactly
what was what too Hayley.

The only thing I know enough about is the Monkshood and I would avoid
that completely or dig any up if you find it growing in your garden.
It's extremely deadly according to what I have read.