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Default UK pond problem

We recently moved into this house and "inherited" what could be a nice
little pond. Trouble is, the previous owner hasn't cleaned it out or done
anything to it since about July last year and it's a right mess of dead
plants and blanketweed, but also now getting new growth on plants as well.

It really needs a good cleanout but the fish all seem healthy and happy and
there are also frogs and tadpoles living in there as well - in fact, I think
it's because the tadpoles have found some great places to hide that they are
still alive and we don't want to disturb them.

What's the best option - clean up and disturb the wildlife, hoping they'll
settle down again or just leave well alone?

Some photo's here (each about 1Mb in size so anyone on dial-up rather than
broadband, beware): (a frog popped it's head up for this