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Default Gardening Britain -- Flickr photo sharing group

This follows on the from the earlier thread I started titled '...images
of ordinary uk gardens'.

I've gone ahead and started an image sharing group on Flickr with the
working title 'Gardening Britain'. It was an accident - I thought I was
messing around and working out how the whole group thing worked and
before I knew it someone had already signed up as a member (!!!). So I
guess I'm committed now - I am a slightly reluctant and nervous

Anyway, the public URL is here (nothing to see yet though).:

The group guidelines are very much in draft phase so suggestions are

If anyone wants to haul out their digital cameras and participate that
would be great. If you have an exisiting yahoo id then you should be
able to sign in and create a Flickr account reasonably easily (at If not, you have to go through the irritating process
of creating an ID - but once done its done.

It's very easy and very quick to upload digital pictures to Flickr but
people using the free version need to be careful about keeping the
filesize small (otherwise you'll very quickly exceed your monthly file
upload limit). If you feel unsure about resizing image filesizes to a
decently small size then the Flickr Uploadr tool is very useful and can
be set to automatically do it for you.

I'm happy to help with getting going by email.... or here if people
feel it appropriate.

Thanks.... I better go off and try learn a bit more about what I'm
supposed to know about....