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Default Gardening Britain -- Flickr photo sharing group

Thanks Derek ... I've just seen the hops. I like the monitoring growth
progress idea. You'll see I've done a similar sequance with my 'garden
view picture'.

Which UK region/county do you garden in (if you don't mind divulging
that info) . I thought I'd keep track of where people are via the tag
system so people in the same area can compare their garden's progress
with others.

I'm trying to keep a visual chronicle of my garden this year because
I'm useless and forget what I've done and where and why and what
happened. I've also started a blog a month or so ago which will
literally be a working diary (too shy to share the url yet but will do
so soon). I think blogging must be one of the most perfect tools for
electonric logging. Actually, I am a lot more knowledgable about
blogging than I am gardening (hence the shyness about my scribblings).
I know a fair bit about wordpress etc, so if anyone wants advice with
that I'm probably in a better position to help there than I am with
plants or gardens.

Thanks to you both for contributing. Chris - I'm just off to send you a
group invite. Love your Flickr ID by the way.