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Default Which Lemon and Mandarin?

Dead right Geoff they are still selling a few around here out of season.
Eureka looks like it might be the goer then as I use lemons in my cooking
for justa bout everything. If for example I need to water my cooking down,
i ude a bit of lemon, or orange juice or other juice thats around. I was
hoping that Bronwyn might have advised of cropping. (Are you reading Bron,
like to know love, cheers)

Thanks Geoff. (and Bronwyn)

"Geoff & Heather" wrote in message
We are a bit further North in the Hunter and have a Eureka lemon that
despite getting constantly wind burnt or frost bitten, and being on 1.5m
high constantly produces more lemons than we can cope with. From memory
its the Eurekas that fruit constantly whereas the Meyers tend to crop all

once - depends on what you need I guess.

I agree with your comments on Nurseries, I reckon its almost criminal to
still be selling Tomato, Corn and Capsicum seedlings around here - without

warning that you need a hot house to get them to ripen now. I feel sorry
for the new gardeners heading to a nursery thinking that whatever is

(especially seedlings) is OK to plant now - or that plants in the Nursery
are actually suited to the local environment.


"HC" wrote in message

If you want to use the lemons to make cheesecakes, then do NOT get a

as the acid content is too low to thicken the condensed milk. OTH, Meyer
is sweeter so might suit you for other purposes.

Mandarin......Murcott is my favourite, it's sweet with good sized fruit.

Hope this helps?
Bronwyn ;-)

Potaroo wrote:
Hello Aussie garden gurus. Can someone recommend the most prolific
Lemon and Mandarin for a small suburban backyard garden in the

region of NSW.
I don't want to select the wrong one to take up space. ..and I'm
about nurseries after all they will advise and sell what they have.
Cheers, TIA