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Default Brushcutter recommendations wanted

"Terry Collins" wrote in message

You might want to check out the different heads available, plastic and
metal. e.g. cord doesn't cut thick kikuyu.

I have an Oleo Mac of 34 or 36cc that runs a bump head in which I use 3.3mm
Diamond Edge cord. It cuts just about any thick grasses I've come across.
When in really thich and heavy grasses the problem is getting the cut grass
away from the cutting path, however, I find this problem is relevant with
either the line bump head or steel blade cutting system.

I find I can do a lot of the work required of the brushcutter at relatively
low revs, ie, I rarely have it at anything like full revs unless in quite
dense and heavy grasses like overgrown Kikuyu. In this respect the machine
is probably an overkill for a lot of my needs, but it does produce the goods
when in hard going.

Of note is that some brands of brushcutter run thinner cord at higher tip
speed, others run thicker cord at lower tip speed. The cord tip speed
variation can be the result of maximum engine RPM, the gearing at the end
of the shaft and/or the diameter of the cutting path (line length). There
can be a significant variation in the width of the cutting path between
brands. A machine capable of swinging 3mm cord will do far more work then a
machine swinging 2mm cord, however, it is no good just changing to a thicker
cord, the machine must be designed to use thick cord.

I have used Stihl brushcutters with bump feed line heads and of similar
engine capacity to my machine but thinner cord. I have found the Stihl has
to be worked harder to achieve the same result as the Oleo Mac in just about
all HEAVY CUTTING situations in which I have used the machines. They have a
different combination of engine torque/gearing and line weight relative to
the line tip speed then the Oleo Mac. The Stihl has to be worked harder when
in very heavy going, however, what I am saying is not a negative against the
Stihl and a positive against the Oleo Mac. The Stihl cuts a slightly wider
cut per sweep then the Oleo Mac so in that respect can be said to be doing
more work and has other efficiencies as a result.

Both designs have advantages and disadvantages depending on your application
and the type of work required of the machine. Determine what you really need
and do as others have suggested. Go talk to several of your local mower
specialists and see what their recommendations are and determine why they
recommend these products.