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Default using carpet to line a pond

"Dean A. Markley" wrote in message
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seneca wrote:
I'm about to install a pond and have heard that some people use a
special fabric layer on the soil, before they put the liner down.
Apparently it stops little stones sticking through. I just happen to
have a load of oold carpet and the underlay that I have taken out of
the house when a wooden flor was layed. I was wondering whether this
would be ok. I could put down both the carpet and the underlay for
extra cushioning. What I need to know is would the carpet begin to
smell once it got damp. The last thing I want to do is have a terrinble
smell coming from around the pond once it is all fitted and then the
nightmare of having to get it all out.

Nah, you should be OK with that. Just make sure you backfill and have all
the edges of the carpet covered. By the way, I actually purchased that
cheap outdoor carpet for my pond. Works well.


We used old carpet and completely covered it by the liner. We went to a
carpet store and they let us use the stuff in their dumpster.