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Default phal dropping leaves

any idea how to stop the plant from dying.. the roots looked OK to me!

"Ray" wrote in message
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In my experience, most of the time when a phal loses several of its lowest
leaves - the occasional one being pretty much normal - it's because the
plant is either diseased, or the root system is so compromised that the
plant consumes the oldest leaves as a way to keep the younger, more
vigorous parts of itself fed and watered. That is, the nutrition and
water HAVE to come from somewhere, and if it cannot be obtained adequately
through the roots, it resorts to "self cannibalism".


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"dada" wrote in message
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Hi.. i have a phal which is loosing its leaves. I have had phals lose
leaves due to crown rot, but this one is loosing the older leaves first.
Right now i have repotted it and is on its last two youngest leaves. What
can be the reason for it? I have never experienced this before with



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