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Default Commercial potting mixes

"PatC" wrote in message

I buy good quality potting mix for many uses.
I'm concerned that they may contain viruses &/or weeds.
I recently used a very good product to plant my sweet peas in new large

& surprised to find that it is now also shooting up what looks to be onion
I am also reminded of the failure I had for the last 2 years growing much
loved home grown Tomatoes...I planted them in very large virgin pots in

potting mix hoping that I wouldn't be cursed with wilt that had been a

problem, but within weeks, despite being very careful with the utensils I
used in these pots my Toms once again wilted & died.
Am I the only person to have these disasters, could it possibly be the
potting mix?
I seem to have done everything by the book but ended up with major
I really would LOVE to have some home grown Toms this year, what does
everyone think?
BTW thanks for your responses in advance!

Hi Pat,

I guess with potting mix it is getting the right thing for the right job.
Pots and grow things in them is a fickle business. They dry out, get to much
fertiliser, leach the fertiliser out, get overwatered and some potting mixes
are just bad batches with weeds and pathogens already included.

Tomatoes are a different story. I only grow Roma's now and only if they have
FV on the pack. That being Fusarium and vercillim resistant I think. I seem
to get good crops of those where everything else yellows and produces badly.
Then again the rats around here come for miles to eat them so you can't win.

I read about grafting tomatoes onto eggplant with the FV but haven't found
the seeds here. I still look and hope to learn how to graft them.

Anyways gardening is a learning curve so keep trying and share your wins!