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Anne Lurie
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Default how to improve a yard's soil?

Compost, compost, compost! This will improve clay or sandy soil! (Easy for
me to say, I have several compost piles!)

I'm not sure about leaving the clippings on the grass, since I don't know
what kind of grass you have. Also, there are clipping and there are
clippings -- if your mower is a "mulcher" and the clippings are fine, that
is one thing. However, if you have clumps of clippings, that might not be
so beneficial.

Also, I must respectfully disagree with a previous poster who suggested you
ask the greenskeeper at the nearest golf course. I think it is unlikely you
would have the same type of grass, and I believe that golf courses require
tremendous amounts of water, pesticides, etc. that are not necessarily the
best idea for the average homeowner.

If you know what kind of grass you have, you might try Googling for "red
clay" and "[grass type]" to see what pops up. Or you might call an
extension agent from NCSU, should be in the phone book.

Anne [hoping for rain]
NE Raleigh [the sandy part]

wrote in message
Our yard is just a mass of gritty red clay underneath the grass. The
contractors obviously bulldozed off all the topsoil and probably hauled
it away and sold it. Does anyone have any suggestions for improving
the soil over the longer term? Does leaving the clippings on the yard
actually help? The lot has been in this state for at least 20 years
and there is little or no topsoil on any of it. (We just moved here
couple years ago.) Suggestions appreciated.