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Default how to improve a yard's soil?

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Our yard is just a mass of gritty red clay underneath the grass. The
contractors obviously bulldozed off all the topsoil and probably hauled
it away and sold it. Does anyone have any suggestions for improving
the soil over the longer term? Does leaving the clippings on the yard
actually help? The lot has been in this state for at least 20 years
and there is little or no topsoil on any of it. (We just moved here
couple years ago.) Suggestions appreciated.

Depending on where you are, that red clay may be the top soil. Fescue can
grow quite well in the clay, once you get it established. The secret is to
break up the top layer so the seed can get started. Using wheat straw and
keeping the seed moist will help. You also have to be careful on how you
water, as it can take awhile for the water to soak in.