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Default Pond vacuum?


I don't believe in pond vacs. They are expensive to buy, expensive to
and waste a lot of water. The pond is balanced with some accumulation of
debris on the bottom for aquatic life, and the koi, as true bottom feeders,
like to root around in it. The debris is healthy. If you have a proper and
sizable filter, it should keep the pond crystal clear with leaves and
decaying grass on the bottom. I have a thirty-foot oval pond, a bit bigger
than yours but it should work the same. It has a flat
three-foot bottom covering 1/3 of the pond area. There is a two-foot flat
level where I can walk and I walk it once a year in the fall with a
heavy-duty wire mesh on a long pole and I clean out the debris. Takes
only a few hours and it is not necessary to get it spotless. The fish are
out of sight in the muddy water for about two days and then dthe water
clears up for the rest of the year. May not work well for you with stones
on the bottom but I would give it a try for a year....

"Rick" wrote in message
I have a relatively small pond (about 12 x 6 ft) and would like to

a pond vacuum to get some of the silt, etc. off the bottom. The pond is
lined with river bed stone on the bottom so it can't be too powerful

must be able to block the stone from being sucked up in the vacuum. Can
anyone recommend a vacuum they've had some good experiences with?