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Default Which Rock(s) Messed Up My pH? - pale fish

*Note: There are two "Koi-Lo's" on the pond and aquaria groups.

"IDzine01" wrote in message
About a month ago I added three rocks (well, 2 large and several small
matching ones) to my aquarium and a few days later my male dwarf
gourami began to loose color, stop building nests and won't spawn.

Here's his photo, he looks pathetic...

He almost looks emaciated. Is he eating? If you don't want to remove the
new rocks can you move him to another aquarium?

I know NOTHING about identifying rocks and stones so I'm posting their
photos in hope that someone can tell me which one(s) altered my pH.
(Was 6.9 and is now 7.7)

Where did you get these stones? Are they from a pet store? If so they
should be safe.
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