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Default Black brush algae..excess phosphates? - Excel

On 3 Jun 2006 23:09:34 GMT, (John Sankey)

"Not enough light for healthy plants = algae.

Too much light and not enough CO2 for healthy plants = algae.

Too much CO2 and not enough light = dead fish and algae.

Wrong temperature = algae.

Improper any of the aforementioned for plants to utilize the available
macro nutrients = algae."

May I suggest the positive converse: keep your lighting low, grow
plants like Anubias, then you can have healthy fish and healthy
plants without worrying about CO2, fertilizers, temperature OR

I just responded with the light level question in mind, Koi has about
a 3watt/gallon light level. I don't recall any discussion of too much
light and the effects. Koi is using low light plants.