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Default Black brush algae..excess phosphates? - Excel & algae

*Note: There are two "Koi-Lo's" on the pond and aquaria groups.

"Dick" wrote in message
160 watts over 55 gallons is almost 3 watts per gallon. I use 1.5 w/g
or lower as the definition of "low light." I don't know what happens
when low light plants are exposed to "high light" conditions. Could
this be a problem?

I don't think so since this wiry algae isn't growing in the 10g tanks and
they're even brighter. Before I added the second fixture to the 55s they
had a really disgusting blackish red sooty looking algae spreading
everywhere. The 55s are really too dim with only 80w. The tanks even look
better as do the fish with 160w per tank.

The odd thing is when I first started to add the Excel and micronutrients
the plants really picked up for awhile. The new otos and plec's cleaned the
plants and all was well - then suddenly this black wiry stuff shows up. The
plants are blah again no matter how faithfully I add the fertilizers (not
exceeding the recommended doses).
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