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Default Bamboo Plantings - Anyone have them?

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I am working on plans for a Japanese style garden and i really like the
Bamboo tree for both the look and the awesome growth rate/screening

Has anyone on here grown it/growing it now, and if so is it everything
that the suppliers websites would have you believe it is?

Thanks in advance.

I'm in zone 5 and don't think it will grow here. Maybe there are
hardier varieties that will. I was just calling HD, Wal Mart, Big Lots,
and will check Lowe's to price out stakes. The 8-foot ones are $2

I don't have a good place to grow it anyway, even if there is a variety
that is hardy in my zone, and some people consider it a nuisance, but I
think it is neat.

Go to (you will probably have to sign up) and search
on bamboo. Click on garden forums at the top. I've read a lot of
different posts about it there, one person wanted to know how to make a
trellis from it, several people have it growing on their property in the
south. But they don't like references back to usenet or other forums.
I got a post pulled because of that.