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Thank you, I do have a small waterfall with one of my small pumps at the
base of where the water falls. My main pump is in the middle of the pond, on
the bottom. I have made a filter system that keeps the water crystal clear
except for the blanket weed. I went to a web site that suggested using
potassium permanganet to kill the weed but so far I have been to fearful of
what that might do. I have stripped the pond down to nothing a few times and
thought that I had got rid of the weed, only to find that I must have missed
some, somewhere.
Does that help you any? Should I move the big pump to the bottem of the fall
and the smallone to the middle of the pond?
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Hello, I have a smallish pond with blanket weed that was introduced by a
plant someone gave me as a present. I have been fighting this weed for
two years and am thinking that whatever I do is not working. Help please.
I have tried more shade and bio-barley but it just seems to have no
I am going to be away and can't even think about what the pond will look
like by the time I get back.

Hi Sue

Do you have a waterfall? If so, put the pump as near to the base of the
waterfall as you can