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Hi Sue

I think you should do 4 things.

First, ensure there is no current in the pond. That's why I suggested
moving the pump to the base of the waterfall. A current encourages blanket
weed growth. By pumping water from the base of the waterfall, you minimise

Secondly, ensure there are enough water plants to use up the nutrients in
the water and starve the blanket weed.

Thirdly, if you don't have one, install a UV filter. Although they are
mainly to prevent algae, I find they also help against blanket weed.

Finally, having cleared as much blanket weed as you can, use a proprietary
chemical solution to kill the rest.

Hopefully, it won't return.

I did the above 4 things and I've had no problems since.

One other thing: try to minimise the use of tap water in the pond. I know
it's unavoidable sometimes though. My garage roof drains into 2 water
butts, and I use these to top up the pond


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Thank you, I do have a small waterfall with one of my small pumps at the
base of where the water falls. My main pump is in the middle of the pond,
on the bottom. I have made a filter system that keeps the water crystal
clear except for the blanket weed. I went to a web site that suggested
using potassium permanganet to kill the weed but so far I have been to
fearful of what that might do. I have stripped the pond down to nothing a
few times and thought that I had got rid of the weed, only to find that I
must have missed some, somewhere.
Does that help you any? Should I move the big pump to the bottem of the
fall and the smallone to the middle of the pond?
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Hello, I have a smallish pond with blanket weed that was introduced by a
plant someone gave me as a present. I have been fighting this weed for
two years and am thinking that whatever I do is not working. Help
I have tried more shade and bio-barley but it just seems to have no
I am going to be away and can't even think about what the pond will look
like by the time I get back.

Hi Sue

Do you have a waterfall? If so, put the pump as near to the base of the
waterfall as you can