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Dianna Visek
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Default accurate hygrometer?

By "device", I meant things like the "digital thermo/hybro" as made by
Radio Shack. I've also used the Taylor hygrometers and not been very
impressed. My question is, who makes an accurate one?


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On 6/8/06 2:00 PM, in article ,
"Dianna Visek" wrote:

I've had various thermometer/hygrometer combination devices, but none
of them agree about humidity. Can anyone recommend a brand that is

Thanks, Dianna
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You do not describe your "device" in any detail. It would be hard to be a
wet bulb/dry bulb psychrometer with appropriate tables to determine
humidity. You still need accurate thermometers. I find that even name brands
such as Taylor are not calibrated well.

-- Ferme le Bush

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