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Default Which Rock(s) Messed Up My pH?

lid (~Roy the good old boy!) Spaketh Thusly:

Evidently you added a rock that was calcium based for the ph to go so
high. Limestone will do that. Take the rocks and add a few drops of
vinegar on a clean spot on each one . If it fizzes thats the
culprit....Low PH makes calcium based subtances start to dissolve or
leech into the water raising the ph....

Sometimes it's hard to see the reaction with vinegar, if the above doesn't
work, try a stronger acid for the test. Muriatic (hydrochloric) is pretty
cheap and usually available at your local hardware or pool supply store. Or
steal a few drops from a car battery(sulfuric). It's not going in the tank,
remember, it's going on the rock out of the tank.

Or you could just pull them all, stabilize the water, and put them back one
type at a time.

I can't tell by just looking, but #2 appears to be the same as some of mine
that are OK. I'm leary of #3.

Let us know how you make out.
On 3 Jun 2006 14:44:06 -0700, "IDzine01"
About a month ago I added three rocks (well, 2 large and several small
matching ones) to my aquarium and a few days later my male dwarf
gourami began to loose color, stop building nests and won't spawn.

Here's his photo, he looks pathetic...

I know NOTHING about identifying rocks and stones so I'm posting their
photos in hope that someone can tell me which one(s) altered my pH.
(Was 6.9 and is now 7.7)

I was hoping the gourami would grow used to the new pH but he's still
pale after a month. The rocks are holding up an embankment so if it's
just one rock that is the culpret I'd rather just remove the one rather
then the entire grouping.

We'll call this rock 1:

Rock 2:

Rock 3: (one of several)

Thanks guys n gals. I know it's not really a 'plant' question but
you'all seem to know a lot about these aquascaping things.


Bill H. [my "reply to" address is real]
Molon Labe!