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Default Suspected stem rot ????

"andy39surf" wrote in message

Hi don't know if anyone can help here. I'm a new gardener this year and
am growing tomatoes in pots in a courtyard gaden. I have attached pics
of 2 of my plants which from research on the net I suspect to have stem
rot. There seems to be a lot of conflicting advice on what to do, so I
thought I'd post here.

Apologies for joining and posting a question straight away, I will hope
to be able to contribute as my knowledge grows.

|Filename: 002.jpg |

Not sure what/s going on. Soil looks a little soggy but it could be just
the lighting.

If it were me, I/d replant. In fact, if you get busy this weekend, there/s
still time to start you own plants (short season variety like Early Girl -
52 days) and get them outside by mid-July for an early fall crop.