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Default Edging revisited... true edger vs. attachment edger

I read the recent thread on edging and it reminded me how much I really
hate the edging aspect of my lawn care. Yes, I could hire someone to
do my lawn, but its good exercise and I guess I'm too cheap to do so.

My question is which is better for edging as far as speed and ease, a
true edger or one of those attached edgers that goes onto a weedeater?
I also have a corner lot and there is a sidewalk that goes around it,
so I have triple edging duty on 3/4 of my lot! I have been using a
true edger but it isn't easy to adjust it for curbs and I go thru a
blade each season. I've tried just using the weedeater but it isn't
that easy nor is it as strong as the blade of the edger. I am curious
about the blade edger attachments for the weedeater though.

Anyone have exerience and input?